The Art of Hosting (Tips Included)

When one steps into the role of a host, getting entangled in the logistics becomes incredibly easy — the planning, organizing, and time management of it all at many points feels heavy and sometimes really stressful. If planning doesn’t come as naturally to you, it can feel even more difficult to get all the details right. But it all becomes worth it. When loved ones are gathered and are having a great time, when you feel a deeper level of connectedness, and when it’s over and it becomes a fond memory you hold on to. Even if it’s not for a special occasion, a moment gathered feels like a celebration.

Hosting is a lot of work, but every detail that is thought out and prepared for, all amount to such a rewarding feeling when your guests are evidently enjoying the moment. It’s as if you’re an orchestrator and all the dishes for the meal, the decoration, the music, the ambience, and the order of events are instruments playing their part. We believe that there is an art to hosting, and that it can be done really well, really beautifully. As we’re in the thick of the holiday season, we wanted to share some tips that can help you approach the details in an artful way, and to become a host to remember:


There’s something special that comes from being aligned to the current season. If it’s winter time, you can make your space feel alive by adding warmth and coziness. If it’s springtime, you can finesse the environment so it feels a bit lighter and brighter. Some ways we like to add warmth in the colder months, is by putting winter branches in a big vase, lighting candles, or dimming the lights for a subtle glow. You can also bring out the best in the meal you prepare (or buy) with ingredients that are in season. In the wintertime, we like to lean into ingredients like kale, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and pomegranates, for example. This is a way to ensure that your food is as fresh and delicious as can be!


Creativity comes from anywhere, and also can be applied everywhere. Approaching hosting as an art form can manifest in the décor — it might look like using produce as decoration on a tablescape (we like pomegranate or persimmon in the winter), it might look like tying a small vegetable, like an eggplant, to a napkin to place on your guests’ plates, or like using a colorful tablecloth instead of something neutral. Creativity can also be applied in the food and drink you serve. Maybe opt in for a cocktail your guests wouldn’t be able to find at their favorite restaurant or bar (we have some cocktail ideas for you). We find that the more one executes their creativity, the more memorable the moment becomes.


Whether in food or decor, having contrast tends to create a form of balance. If you’re serving something rich and savory (like our claypot pepper shrimp), balance it out with something light, like with lightly pickled vegetables. We sometimes like to challenge ourselves with contrast in our tableware. If our plates are heavy in pattern, like the Patterned Plate from our Artist Series, we like to add cups that are either clear or neutral (like our Glass in Smoke). There are so many ways to create contrast, and ultimately balance that keeps the eyes even entertained.

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