Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide is here!

by Noa Rosenberg

Somehow, the holidays are here again. Along with the beauty of twinkling lights on trees and time spent at last with family runs a current of dread that comes with buying gifts for those you love the most, those coworkers who always get you something even though you don’t know them well, and everyone in between. Mogutable is here to save the day with a helpful gift guide to help cross (almost) everyone off your list.

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For the Herbalist

We all have a friend who is obsessed with their blue light glasses, has vitamins made to order, and has sworn off coffee. Help them find their new morning… and afternoon ritual with our favorite tea related selections.

Mogutable 2022 Gift Guide: Gifts for the Herbalist

For the Home Gourmand

Score a dinner invitation at your friend who always makes the best food’s house by getting them an unforgettable kitchen-related gift this holiday season. Our wide selection of kitchenware can be tailored to fit any cook, from beginner to expert.

Mogutable 2022 Gift Guide: Gifts for the Home Gourmand

For the Best Nose You Know

A home fragrance related gift for the holidays is a brutally underrated one. To help a friend or family member curate the smell of their house is a special way to ensure that your love for them will always literally be in the air. Mogutable’s special collection of incense and candles is here to provide every option necessary to find the perfect perfume.

Mogutable 2022 Gift Guide: Gifts for the Best Nose You Know
  • 2. Give the gift of a full incense experience for those who already have many scents to choose from. Allow them to display their vast collection with brass incense holders in a cube or sphere form. These can beautifully rest on a round or oval tray from Picus to create the perfect interplay between shape, metal, and fragrance.

    For the Couple who Needs Matching Everything

    Allow the closest couple you know to become even closer with matching sets for their home. Plus, getting a pair the same, slightly different thing checks two people off of your gift list! It’s a win-win.

    Mogutable 2022 Gift Guide: Gifts for the Couple Who Needs Matching Everything
    • 1. Your favorite couple will toast you with a new set of Departo wine glasses in smoke. Coming in either short or tall sizes, these uniquely shaped chalices add interest to a dining table or intrigue to a conversation (the more they are refilled).
    • 2. Coordinate their morning coffee with corresponding Fuji Mugs. Red and blue respectively, these mugs are shaped to fit perfectly in your hand.
    • 3. Make dinnertime extra cute with two best-selling rice bowls that are made to look like miniature Mount Fujis. Pair them with chopsticks for a meal setup they’ll cherish!

    For the “Green Thumb”

    Whether your favorite plant enthusiast is actually good at caring for greenery or not, our products will make raising an indoor crop both easy and beautiful.

    Mogutable 2022 Gift Guide: Gifts for the Green Thumb
    • 1. Display your roots with an Aqua Culture vase by Kinto. Coming in two sizes, a trimming is placed on the vase’s top dish and its roots are allowed to stretch downward. Finally complete that avocado pit science project from middle school! For a more decorative look, try a hanging glass vase in yellow or clear.
    • 2. Create the feeling of a museum in your home with a Herbarium Flower Base by Japanese brass experts, Picus. In a nod to eighteenth century plant specimen preservation, this piece can house a dried flower within its inverted glass beaker, supported by a metal base which either comes in brass or copper. Turn the beaker upside down to use it as a regular vase!
    • 3. For the most plant-troubled out there, a Wooden Air Plant Holder by EGDD is a perfect way to still have some greenery in the home with little risk. Simply secure the holder using the magnetic back, insert an air plant, and occasionally spritz it with water.

    For that Someone Special… Who Already Has Everything

    Sometimes, gifts for those that mean the most to us can be the hardest of all to find. We can help you to beat the overthinking and pick out a perfectly special piece that will leave them speechless.

    Mogutable 2022 Gift Guide: Gifts for the That Special Someone
    • 1. Gift a gorgeous piece from our Artist Collection. Pottery from Korean ceramicist Jang Hun Seong, Yeo Kyung-Lan or Taiwanese potters Zhitaofang's and Zi-Han are unique, handmade, and begging to be the centerpiece of any table.
    • 2. Surprise them with a complete gift collection. The Frosty Brume Sake Set from Kimoto Glass uses irregular curves to create an unforgettable sake drinking experience. If they’re more of a beer drinker, try a beer or tumbler set from the Usuhari series.
    • 3. Bring luxury to an everyday mealtime item with Tsumugi wooden bowls. The perfection of these show-stoppingly smooth and symmetrical pieces makes it hard to believe that they are handmade.
    • 4. Bring a piece of Japanese art history into your home with the Tetu Nambu (Cast Iron) Tea Pot and Tea Kettle by design superstar Makoto Koizumi. These heavy, distinctive pieces will be the center of your stovetop.

    The Cherry on Top

    Choose from among our many textiles from JainJain, Imabari, Freckled Fuchsia, or Kanno Orimono and use them as unconventional ways to wrap other gifts. Practicing the art of furoshiki/tenugui in this way is an environmentally friendly, creative, and utilitarian alternative to traditional wrapping paper.

    Mogutable 2022 Gift Guide: Furoshiki

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