TaiwanFest in Midtown, 7/23/2023

TaiwanFest in Midtown

TaiwanFest in Midtown
July 23, 2023
Midtown, Manhattan

Mogutable at TaiwanFest Midtown

Mogutable at TaiwanFest Midtown

Mogutable at TaiwanFest Midtown

Mogutable at TaiwanFest Midtown

TaiwanFest in Park Slope, 6/18/2023

TaiwanFest in Park Slope

TaiwanFest in Park Slope
June 18, 2023
Park Slope, Brooklyn

We had a fantastic day at TaiwanFest in Park Slope! We were absolutely delighted to meet so many new faces and have the chance to share our unique Taiwan-designed and made products. The atmosphere was electric, and the enthusiasm for our items was truly heartening to see. It was a memorable day, and we feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with such a vibrant and welcoming community. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table, we can't wait to see you at our next event!

Mogutale at TaiwanFest in Park Slope

Mogutale at TaiwanFest in Park Slope

Mogutale at TaiwanFest in Park Slope

Passport to Taiwan at Union Square, 5/28/2023

Passport to Taiwan 2023

Passport to Taiwan 2023
May 28, 2023
Union Square in NYC

What an amazing day we had at the Passport to Taiwan 2023 event @p2tw.nyc at Union Square! We had the pleasure of tabling for the very first time, presenting a selection of our products that brilliantly capture the essence of Taiwanese design. We were thrilled to be a part of such a lively and vibrant event, rich with sizzling street food, fun crafts, and dynamic performances that brought Taiwan's charm to the heart of NYC. Thank you to all who visited us - we loved seeing each and every one of you there!

Mogutable at Passport to Taiwan 2023

Mogutable at Passport to Taiwan 2023

Mogutable at Passport to Taiwan 2023Mogutable at Passport to Taiwan 2023

Zhitaofang's/製陶方式 at Mogutable, 2022

Zhitaofang's/製陶方式 at Mogutable

Zhitaofang’s/製陶方式 Exhibition
November 5 - November 13, 2022
130 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

We'd like to invite you to see the timeless and beautifully distinctive tableware from Zhitaofang’s/製陶方式 in-person, at our store in Williamsburg. Based in Changhua, Taiwan, 方煜程/Fang is a potter who is known for his beautiful, simple, and matte ceramic tableware. We will be showing his latest works including plates, teapots, vases, and more. We are looking forward to welcoming you and enjoying Fang's ceramics together. 

Can't make it in-person? Check the artist's story here!

Shop the Zhitaofang’s/製陶方式 collection here 

See Artists' Pieces from Icheon, S. Korea IRL, 2022

Mogutable Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Mogutable Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

As a part of our Artist Series, we introduced two masters of clay, Yeo Kyung-Lan and Jang Hun-Seong, from Icheon, S. Korea — the country’s heart of modern and traditional ceramics. This weekend, you can find their new pieces in our store’s mini-exhibition, along with ones from our new Icheon master of clay: Yon Ho-Kyung.

By interacting with Yon Ho-Kyung’s ceramics in-person, you’ll soon fall in love with the artistry of her work, and then be aware of her unique Buncheong technique (which shows up as rough, but gentle marks). You’ll also be able to see how these and her love of drawing on her pieces make her ceramics feel lively and fun! 

Make sure to see it for yourself May 28 - June 10, at our store in 130 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249. See you soon! 

Can't make it in-person? Check the artists' pieces online


Mogutable in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Event at Mogutable

We’re excited to announce from 2/25 - 3/11, we will be featuring Zi-Han of A⊆Z’s pieces in our Williamsburg store for you to see and experience first hand. You won’t want to miss it. To learn more about the Taiwan-based artist and her approach to her craft, head over to our latest blog post for the interview.

Zi-Han of A⊆ZCan’t wait to say hi at 
130 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY

Our Shared Beginnings: Mater, 2021
Fabio Gherardi

We’re very excited to announce yet another special summer partnership with a locally based artist, Fabio Gherardi. Fabio’s work functions as a dialogue in which art is an artifact that belongs to the community and requires to be collectively nurtured. And his current collection, “Our Shared Beginnings: Mater” will be on display at our store in Williamsburg from now to August. 

Mater is a composition of works that are abstract, anthropomorphic, and sub-atomic in nature. As a reference, Mater means Mother in the Latin language. The term also alludes to the English words Matter. 

Experience Fabio’s work for yourself along with us at 130 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

How Are You?, 2021
Sohhee Oh

How Are You?, 2021, Sohhee Oh

Artist Sohhee Oh is showing her work "How Are You?" at our shop!

The public art project, “How Are You?” collects stories of individuals and captures their quarantine places which were greatly altered to accommodate their life and work during this critical time.⁠⁠ Transforming these conversations into visual form within the structure of cardboard boxes. They function like miniature diagrams of private lives. Stacked together in a storefront for public view, these open boxes are “visual conversations” as if one might overhear on the street, giving passers-by reason to pause and slow down. Instead of focusing on the emptiness of the store, and the loss of retail activity, it invites us to connect to individuals, even strangers through our imagination and shared humanity.

These theatrical scenes of private places and memories are interpretations by the artist based on interviews with participants and the photographs they provide. The conversations will be documented and posted online, and can be accessed by scanning a QR code on the storefront window. After each conversation the participant has introduced the next person to participate, activating a change of friends, families and acquaintances and highlighting how we are all connected in a wide reaching, diverse, and dynamic set of relationships in the city.

How Are You?, 2021, Sohhee Oh

“How Are You?” The gateway question that often leads to conversations, stories, and deepening of relationships. This commonly used phrase is also the name of our current in-store event, and public art project by artist Sohhee Oh. This collection showcases the quarantine settings of individuals in the visual form of cardboard boxes, along with their dialogues. Visitors will be able to access these conversations online by scanning a QR code on our storefront window.

If you’re in the Williamsburg area, drop by, shop with us, and experience our first artist partnership in-person. Otherwise, find out more about “How Are You?” online here.