New Pantry Goods: Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry & Jugetsudo

It’s not everyday we highlight products that are… well, edible. While we continue to bring to our customers a curated range of tableware, drinkware, art, and design pieces for the home, one of our core purposes is to introduce brands that we’re a fan of, directly to you. This includes categories out of our “ordinary” — like food. 

We’re excited to bring your attention to two brands in particular, Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry and Jugetsudo. To kick off having some of their products in our store (both in-person and online), we want to let you in to see what they’re all about. 

Mogutable Yun Hai Dried Fruit: Wax Apple

Yun Hai 雲海 means “sea of clouds”, a phenomenon that happens in the elevated mountains of Central Taiwan. When the clouds lower to cover the land in a foggy mist, growers of Gao Shan Cha 高山茶, or high mountain tea, seize the opportunity to make tea the best that it could be; tender, flavorful, and delicate by way of dew and moisture. 

The name is a clear inspiration for the selection of premium ingredients meant for Chinese and Taiwanese cooking. Yun Hai sources directly from artisans, farms, soy sauce breweries — all small businesses based in Taiwan. Yun Hai offers a selection of premium ingredients for East Asian cooking and wish to bring an understanding of the Taiwanese culture and cuisine.

We’re excited to carry: Yun Hai Selection Dried Fruit: Pearl Guava, Yun Hai Selection Dried Fruit: Wax Apple, Traditional Firewood Soy Sauce (in-store only), Su Chili Crisp Mala (Original), Empress Pineapple Miso Hot Sauce.

Mogutable: Jugetsudo Japanese Tea

Jugetsudo means “the place from where one looks at the moon” in Japanese. The Japanese tea shop was founded in 1980 by Maruyama Nori with the idea of offering the bounty of nature through high-quality tea in a humble and honest way. Because “when we look at the moon, we become humble and truly appreciate its eternal beauty”. 

For more than 160 years, Jugetsudo has been pursuing not only the highest quality ingredients, but also the spirit of “Cha-Zen” — the enjoyable fragrance of tea that stimulates one’s senses while providing a sense of comfort. The tea brand has been offering such an experience not to customers directly but through prestigious institutions such as The George V hotel in Paris, the Michelin two-star restaurant, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, and more. If that’s not testament to the excellence of the tea, we don’t know what is! 

You can imagine our pride in carrying their: Organic Sencha Asa, Organic Hojicha, Organic Genmaicha, Matcha Fuji no Haru -Ceremonial Grade, Yuzu Sencha with Matcha, Organic Sakura Sencha, and Premium Taste 3 Teabags.

Enjoy these with us now!