Our Anniversary

It has officially been a year since we opened our Mogutable store in Williamsburg. We can't believe it. It's been an exciting year filled with its own challenges and new experiences. For example, we didn't realize how much physical work is required to run a store — definitely more than being e-commerce only. In addition to all the physical work, our daily routine is also filled with a lot of decision making and brainstorming. From deciding where to source new products for the coming season, coming up with new ideas for social media and our website, to handling customer service. It feels that we always have a range of work to cover, so every day is filled with learning and excitement. It's been fun growing along with the business!
Mogutable shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Having a physical space also means that we get to meet not only our customers, but all the amazing people in our neighborhood (including other local business owners). We find ourselves constantly feeling so inspired by our conversations with them. We feel so incredibly lucky to be where we are.

Like what we mentioned in the Q&A before, we hope that we continue to bring items we love to our shop. Starting from this year, we will be expanding our collection and including more types of home and kitchen items. We are planning to work with more talented artists and bring their creations to your home. We are also working on a secret project that will be announced later this year! There's a lot going on, and we hope that you are excited as much as we are.

Thank you,
Yingchi and Yuchen