Mogutable Compares: Everyday Mugs

Not much thought may go into each sip of your drink at any point of the day, but it’s especially in those unassuming moments that the details should not go unnoticed. In our last blog post, we compare a few of our everyday bowls inspired by Japanese culture. Today, we compare two of our favorite mugs and find that while very different in nature, both the W Glass and Hasami Porcelain Mugs are so intentionally designed to fit your everyday habits seamlessly and even beautifully (p.s. it's not just because they're both stackable!) : 

Mogutable W Glass Mogutable Hasami Porcelain Ceramic Mug
 Name W Glass Ceramic Mug
Brand HMM  Hasami Porcelain
ø4.3" x 3.5" / 13oz
ø3.37" x 3.5" / 13 oz 
Made In Taiwan Japan
Material Recycled Glass  Porcelain
Why We Love It Glass is widely associated with its fragility and daintiness, but the W Glass is designed to defy that. Each mug is made by local Taiwanese craftsmen using recycled glass, and made sturdy. We also love that these glasses are inspired by the concept of the circle of life, and you see that through the twelve elegant angles that represent the twelve hours of the clock.  When we think of the Hasami Porcelain Collection, we think of the word “natural”. Natural in its colors, textures, and functionality, we love our Hasami Porcelain mugs because of their timelessness and ability to blend into any setting while emitting individuality. So whether you're a minimalist, a maximalist, or anywhere in between, this piece is great and true everyday mug


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