Mogutable Compares: Everyday Bowls

“Japanese dinnerware,” “Japanese bowls,” and “Japanese plates.” These are consistently highly-searched terms by so many people. Maybe you’re wondering, “why?” Aside from each piece being simply beautiful, there are a few reasons as to why we think people are fans (and why we are too)! 

  1. In Japanese culture, the details matter — and this includes tableware. Most pieces are intentionally designed to be unique. It’s not uncommon for family members to have their own chawan (rice bowl), for example. In other words, it never gets boring. 

  2. You can’t talk about Japanese tableware without having it reflect the culture. One of the most distinctive features of food culture is that Japanese people hold their bowls in their hands as they eat. That’s why a lot of these bowls lean lighter and smaller. 

  3. They’re beautiful. You’ll notice the difference just by searching for “dinnerware” vs “Japanese dinnerware”. Standard bowls and plates can feel a bit well, standard, and traditional while the other even evokes some kind of emotion. 

Because Mogutable is no stranger to highly curated dinnerware, we compare three of our picks for everyday bowls made in Japan (in no particular order), so you can choose the perfect one for your own everyday table.

Hakusan Toki: Japanese Rice Bowl in White
Mogutable Selects: Ceramic Donburi Bowl in Blue Stripe Hasami Porcelain: Ceramic Tall Bowl in Natural


Japanese Rice Bowl in White Ceramic Donburi Bowl in Blue Stripe Ceramic Tall Bowl in Natural
Brand Hakusan Toki Mogutable Selects  Hasami Porcelain
Specs 4.7" x 2.1"  5.7" x 2.9" 5.7" x 2.8" 
Material Porcelain Light-Weight Porcelain Porcelain
Why We Love It While we celebrate the unique designs, we also
have deep appreciation for simplicity and elegance
in craftsmanship, which this one surely holds.
Japanese bowls are made with depth in mind because instead of knives and forks, longer 
chopsticks are used and because many Japanese dishes have higher water content. So this particular donburi bowl is truly great for any meal, with its taller height.
From its color to its texture and shape, this bowl gives off a natural feel. While being incredibly functional (did we mention its perfectly stackable?), this Hasami Porcelain bowl can match any other tableware pieces to in making a complete set.