Brand Stories: TZULAï

Established in 2013, TZULAï was born under the love of Taiwanese culture. The name roots from the Taiwanese phrase, “cuo nei”, which means “home”, giving TZULAï the purpose of cultivating a houseware brand that belongs to Taiwan and her memories through terroir texture and cultural context. 

The philosophy behind the Taiwanese brand is quite simple: they believe that there is no standard answer for life, and that we only have to feel every moment with our hearts. Because of the belief that life is not one-size-fits-all, we have the opportunity to perceive it and make it something beautiful, that every moment and second is to be relished — to them, life is like a long river that flows slowly, delicately, is long and full of changes. 

Mogutable Brand Stories: TZULAï

The brand’s team members are made up from Taiwan’s Gaochang Trading’s business, marketing, and design team. Because Gaochang Trading has a history of designing and manufacturing housewares for European high-end and high-quality brands for three decades, TZULAï has access to not only Gaochang’s resources, but also thrives in its own independent design. 

Mogutable Brand Stories: TZULAï

An example of the brand’s philosophy lived out is, that dinner time doesn’t necessarily start with the first bite or cut, but perhaps with choosing the ingredients, the utensils, or the person you would want to have a meal with. It may not be about the food itself, but the intent and effort which is put in for the moments shared during it. 

TZULAï continually works to transfer the aesthetic and feel of its Taiwanese culture into each and every one of their products, and brings the purpose of relishing each moment into every one of their products — whether it be through their antique tile shape plates, hand-painted enamel cups, or terracotta mug. 

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