Founders' Favorites

As the founders of Mogutable, Yuchen and Yingchi are personal fans of the items they curate. Embracing these products into their daily lives, they experience firsthand the functionality, but also the beauty and joy they bring into even the smallest routines. Here they each review their top three favorites, ranging from Japanese ceramic plates and bowls, to ceramic mugs that exude form and function. 

Yuchen's Favorites

Ceramic Mug in Black by Hasami Porcelain

"I love the simple design and texture of the matte pottery glaze. I use it every day for coffee and tea." 
Ceramic Plates and Bowls in Natural by Hasami Porcelain
Ceramic Plate in Natural by Hasami Porcelain
"I really like the simple and modern look of the natural ceramic plates and bowls. They make simple everyday meals very presentable, but also are great for dinner parties and when I'm feeling a little fancy."

Glass French Press in Amber by Yield Design

"It's beautiful and there’s something so satisfying about being able to look through the glass and see the coffee being made in real time - it’s even great for brewing tea! Given its light form, I use it every single day. Not to mention, we’ve actually been using this french press even before we started mogutable!"

Yingchi's Favorites

Taisho Roman Glass

"I love to use this glass from the Japanese maker Hirota Glass to drink beer after work. It relaxes me to see the bubbles going up in this beautiful glass. It's so light and the size is just right." 

Bamboo Plates (From Poketo and Xenia Taler)
Bamboo Plates — Poketo and Xenia Taler
"We started to cook a lot more this year, since we needed to stay home. These lightweight bamboo plates are perfect for a quick lunch. We usually make something easy like onigiri or pasta for lunch. The patterns on the plates add more fun to just a simple lunch."

Studio Lim
Studio Lim tray
"I use the small Time Lapse Round Tray to hold the jewelry I wear daily. I love the unique patterns of the tray. It fits my style aesthetically"