Mogutable Serves: Kimbap and Bamboo Plates

It’s no secret that our products are for the everyday, and exist to elevate your daily routines. This means using our plates (like our Bamboo Plates or our Japanese Dinnerware Collection) to eat and serve your favorite meals. So we’re kicking off our series called Mogutable Serves, where we pair some of our favorite recipes with our favorite products. 

Today, we introduce our go-to recipe for Kimbap (think: Korean sushi rolls, but without the sushi). Like pasta is to Italy, hamburger is to America, and sushi is to Japan, the Kimbap is one of Korea’s staple meals whether for a picnic, simple lunch, or as a banchan (side dish) to a main course. There are plenty of variations of Kimbap, but we like to opt for the Yachae Kimbap (vegetable Kimbap). These rolls include egg, spinach, julienned carrots, yellow radish pickle, imitation crab, and more. We especially like to roll these up for days we don’t really have time to prepare a more well thought out dish! 

We at Mogutable think like most other meals, Kimbap goes perfectly with our lightweight and sustainable Bamboo Plates made of bamboo fiber (recycled), cornstarch, and food-grade ink. With Xenia Taler’s fun and spunky designs, you can create a moment you can look forward to, even with the simplest meals. 

Find out how to prepare, serve, and store vegetable Kimbap from our frequently used recipe by Sue, from My Korean Kitchen.