Donabe: The One-Pot Wonder

An Introduction

Slow cookers, air fryers, blenders. These are just a few kitchen appliances that people swear by, and often get passionate about when it comes to their favorite brands that just make life easier (and tastier). What may not be talked about enough in this list of versatile kitchen appliances is the Japanese Donabe.

What is the “Donabe”? Meaning “clay pot” in Japanese, it hails as one of Japan’s oldest cooking vessels. In Japan, every household has at least one donabe pot in their kitchen and is more often than not used on a daily basis. These earthenware pots are intentionally made with clay that have properties that are good with operating at high temperatures. The very porous nature of this clay allows for heat to build up slowly, but keeps heat effectively once it achieves its peak temperature so the flavors can really sink in.

Donabe Clay Pot

The Possibilities

Similar to how you can make chili, short ribs, soup, and spaghetti all in one slow cooker, the Donabe is also loved for its versatility. You can cook plain yet delicious rice, rice with a twist (mixed mushroom rice, burdock root rice, butter scallop rice, etc.), hot pot, miso soup, beef & potato stew, and so so much more! Just look up “Donabe Recipes” and you’ll be sure to find a plethora of recipes to match your taste buds and cravings. 

Mogutable KAKOMI rice cooker Japanese donabe Japanese ceramics

How To Make Delicious Rice in our Donabe

1 cup of rice: 1 cup of water

2 cups of rice: 2 cups of water

  1. Rinse rice with water about 5-6 times until the water is clear. Soak the washed rice in water for 30 minutes (leave it longer if it's winter). The rice grains become milky white after water absorption. Drain the water.
  2. Put rice and water (ratio 1:1) in the donabe.
  3. Set the inner lid and outer lid (if there are 2 lids) so that steam vents are not aligned, then set on medium heat.
  4. It will start to boil in about 5-6 (8-9) minutes. When steam appears from the steam vent, wait one minute and turn the heat down to very low.
  5. Maintain very low heat for 6-8 (8-10) minutes, then turn off heat.
  6. Let it settle for 10-15 minutes and remove the lid to serve. 

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