Artist Series: Sheng Ceramic

Mogutable - Sheng Ceramic

Behind every brand or product is an artist — a visionary who expresses their meaningful design into a product created for use. It is easy to get caught up in the products themselves, and forget that there is a person or a group of people who made their ideas into a reality. So to remind ourselves that our products are more personal than we think, we begin the Artist Series. And to kick it off, we introduce Sheng Ceramic. 

Sheng 盛 carries the meaning of “abundance”, which clearly is marked in his environment and ceramics approach. Sheng is a Belgium based ceramicist who lives and works in a small farm where “hens lay eggs and chicks hatch, flowers blossom and bees visit, while vegetables grow and fruits ripen”. Where his farm itself celebrates abundance, he makes it a habit to invite guests over to enjoy the latest harvest because to Sheng, abundance is meant to be shared. 

With flowers and food as a theme in his life, he creates beautiful tableware as vessels that can hold these harvests and more, proving to be both functional and stunning. His plates, bowls, mugs, vases, all have a distinctive rustic and earthy feel to them that perhaps can be attributed to Sheng’s environment. His products are the makeup of different personalities of clays that are balanced with unique characters of each glaze. 

We’re so excited to feature Sheng Ceramic at Mogutable. We hope that his products can carry on the purpose of abundance, however that might apply, to your dining table, space, and life. 

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