Brand Stories: Tripware

Upon seeing Tripware’s ceramicware, one might stop at the thought of it being beautiful and functional. But this particular brand stands out from the rest with a strong vision centering around sustainability. Because to them, ceramic tableware isn’t just for containing food, but is meant to bring one’s dining table to life and give meaning to the meal. 

Mogutable: Tripware — Japanese ceramics, dinnerware

Realizing that ceramics cannot be broken down in the earth for tens and thousands of years after being thrown away, nor renewable, Tripware took on the mission to create something where they can be returned to where they came from. So was introduced, the Green Life 21 Project. 

Mogutable: Tripware — Japanese ceramics, tableware

Through The Green Life 21 Project, manufacturers in Tajimi set select destinations where consumers can bring their used or broken tableware, or collect them from restaurants and other businesses. After collecting these, they are grinded to pieces that are 1mm or less (by their machine that is only one of two in Japan). These grounded recycled materials are then mixed into the soil, and become clay for producing ceramicware again. 

Mogutable: Tripware — Japanese ceramics, tableware

We’re proud to have this one-of-a-kind brand in our store, and hope that you will also be proud to see it in your home. 

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