Care Guide: Hasami Porcelain

If you’ve been led to this page, you probably either have or are considering growing your own Hasami Porcelain collection. In our blog post covering the brand story of one of our favorite brands, we talk about Hasami Porcelain’s identity in the texture of their products. They are intentional in creating a “natural” feeling with their wares, and have successfully developed a line that looks modern with clean lines, yet also feels earthy, comfortable, and “organic.” 

Mogutable - Hasami Porcelain

As our bestsellers remain to fall under the Hasami Porcelain collection, we’re reminded of the brand’s beautiful, yet unique make up. While the shapes of the products may be consistent, the texture, color, and flecks may be unavoidably distinct from one another due to an uncontrollable chemical reaction between the glaze and raw materials during the firing process. We remember that this difference in texture and color is not considered to be anything less of perfection, yet is highly desirable in the Hasami Porcelain craftsmen community. To the makers, the uniqueness becomes a representation of beauty. 

Mogutable - Hasami Porcelain

As there are some things we cannot control, there are things we can do to extend the life and beauty of our Hasami Porcelain wares: 

  1. While dishwasher and microwave safe, avoid the oven or open flames as these pieces have not been designed to withstand a certain temperature. 

  2. Similar to wood, ceramic is organic material that naturally changes over time. Your Hasami Porcelain ware will likely stain, darken, or develop patina with time, use, and love. Among all the glazes available, the black finish is most known to reflect change and patina, especially when it comes into contact with oils. Foods with natural oils and drinks like coffee can all play a role in changing the properties of the products over time. To mitigate the effects of this, you can do the following:

    1. Mix baking soda with vinegar and place over the stained area. 

    2. Cover the plate with a paper towel and allow it to sit for about an hour. Wash off with hot water and mild dish soap 

    3. Deeper stains caused by natural oils or acidic foods etc. may require repeating  the process above. Please note it may not remove 100% of the stain and you  may still see some residual spots afterward.

    4. Avoid frequent, or hard impact to keep chipping at bay.

As we are naturally prone to change with our environment over time, so can the products we incorporate into our daily lives. We hope that these tips can help you prolong the life of your Hasami Porcelain pieces so that you can enjoy them with each passing day. 

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