How to Repurpose Broken or Unwanted Ceramics

Not too many people take on ceramic pieces with the intention of breaking them nor giving them away… but, it happens. With a slip of a finger or two, your broken ceramic mug, plate, or bowl leads to heartbreak. Or, you may want new pieces that reflect your updated sense of style. But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to end there. Read on to see a few of our favorite ways to give our ceramics a second life — whether broken, or unwanted: 

Mogutable Ceramic Dinnerware and Tableware
Photo: FaveCrafts

Upcycling: You can upcycle your ceramics by creating something new out of your broken or unwanted pieces. This is your chance to be creative and have fun! You can paint it different colors, make art, or a planter for your new indoor plant.

Mogutable Ceramic Dinnerware and Tableware

Kintsugi: A special way to repair is Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of mending in which breaks and repairs are treated as part of the object’s significant history. Meaning “golden joinery” (“kin” meaning gold, and “tsugi” meaning joinery), Kintsugi transforms old into new, focusing on the beauty of the repair process. You can read about how to repair with the Kintsugi approach in this piece by Invaluable.

Mogutable Porcelain Dinnerware & Tableware

Donate: While just some facilities that recycle bricks and concrete can recycle ceramics, ceramics cannot be recycled at most standard facilities. In this case, you can donate them. Consider dropping your unwanted ceramic pieces off at a donation center or thrift store, so they can start a new life in a new home. 

Our ceramic pieces are sturdy and durable, but in the case you ever need to pass them on, this list is here to stay.