Brand Stories: Mizu-Mizu

“Tsudoi”, meaning “meeting” or “get-together” in Japanese, represents the moment where family and friends gather, and perhaps beyond that — the power of such a meeting. Mizu-Mizu is the result of a collaboration between two distinguished manufacturing companies and a skilled designer all based in the eastern part of the Gifu-prefecture in Japan. With this brand, you can find Japanese ceramics and tableware that perfectly elevates your dining experience.

Mogutable Mizu-Mizu Japanese Ceramics Dinnerware Tableware

Before acknowledging the beauty and functionality of their products, it’s important to understand their roots. Oda Pottery and Miyama, the two manufacturers responsible for this product line, have a long standing history of being the world’s finest providers of porcelain ware. Between the 1940’s and 1960’s, they along with other manufacturers in the Mizunami-City area, produced 25% of all Japanese porcelain made for export. So it shouldn’t be a secret that the source of the brand represents true world-class craftsmanship and skill. 

Mogutable Mizu-Mizu Japanese Ceramics Dinnerware Tableware

We believe that magic happens when designers are paired with manufacturers, or makers that understand the vision of a brand. This is the case for Mizu-Mizu. Besides the depth of history and excellence between Oda Pottery and Miyama, equal credit can go to designer Rina Ono. Together, they’ve created products that exist to play an important role in gatherings that matter — that bring meaning and joy. They recognized that food is usually at the center of gatherings that hold significance, and that their pieces should tie in the whole dining experience altogether. 

Mogutable Mizu-Mizu Japanese Ceramics Dinnerware Tableware

Designed for daily use, all of Mizu-Mizu’s products consist of details that are intended to make the meal the main character, but to us, the products themselves just might steal the spotlight. Even the colors have been deliberately selected to showcase the best features of a given meal. 

We’re excited to bring the best of this brand to you. Remember, no glaze is the same due to the inevitable difference in temperature, seasonality when produced, and even the mineral content within each glaze. It just means your product will be uniquely yours. 

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