A Guide to Summer Hosting

We believe that any season is perfect for hosting and gathering over a delicious meal, but there’s something about the summer warmth that makes it feel a bit more special — and even nostalgic. It’s as if the longer and warmer days call for more time spent with good company over good food and drinks. So if you’ve been wanting to host (which we consider an art form), now is the time to put your skills into practice!

Over the years, we’ve learned that one of the main differences between a good host and a great one is how comfortable the guests are left feeling. So whether you’re planning to host al fresco or indoors to keep cool, our favorite summer hosting tips are here to make your guests feel comfortable, and of course, impressed. 

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Focus on the drinks

It’s no secret that summer is the season of thirst. To ensure your guests don’t experience any of it, have a variety of drink options available at all times. If you’re serving alcohol, make sure you have non-alcoholic beverages and water on hand. This way, not only will you keep your guests hydrated, they’ll also have options to pair with the food! Need drink ideas? We have a blog post on summer cocktail recipes we love! 

Mogutable A Guide to Summer Hosting

Set the mood

Whether you’re outside or in, the energy your guests feel upon entering is a sum of its parts. They come in the form of lighting, music, fragrance, tableware, and decor. Light incense, serve your meals on fun, light, and sustainable plates, and scatter pillows around for comfort. This is where details are important — you can make sure that your guests can hear the music playing in the background, but keep it from dominating conversations. It also helps to have a clean space for people to enjoy, so don’t forget to do a quick sweep before the party arrives! And a quick tip for the outside hosts: having sunscreen and bug spray available will keep the fun in, and the mosquitos (and sunburns) out! 

Mogutable A Guide to Summer Hosting

Keep the food fresh

With the warmer weather, comes the increased risk of your food changing shape. Your fried chicken can get soggy faster, and your cold noodles can go from fresh to warm. While the highlight of your time should be the company, the food is probably as important! Remember to consider timing so your food is served fresh — we also find that keeping the menu simple is helpful. 

Lastly, focus on what you like. As the host, it’s important to enjoy the preparation and the moment of gathering. With the meal, mood-setting, drink options, sprinkle in what you love to add a personal touch. Good luck, and happy hosting!