10 Minutes of Aromatherapy

Good design to us is equal parts functional and beautiful. We believe that beauty doesn’t always have to be perceived through the eyes, but can even be realized in a moment of peace. One thing that brings us to this place of beauty is the Hibi Incense Matches, made in Japan. Each one of Hibi’s matches have a burn time of 10 minutes, bringing you a brief but delightful aromatherapy session — whenever and wherever you need it. 

Mogutable Hibi Incense Matches

After match manufacturing was introduced to Japan by Europe in the late 19th century, Japan grew in recognition for their high quality matches. Kobe Match Corporation carried the growth from 1929 when they entered the scene, and is said to now have a 75% share of the country’s total match production. While they retain this legacy, the demand for matches isn’t what it used to be. Responding to the change in their business, they shifted their strategy and started collaborating with others to create their beloved incense matches.

Daihatsu Corporation has a history of incense production spanning over eight decades. Since its founding, they’ve been manufacturing innovative products such as incense with an aroma specially prepared by a French perfume manufacturer. Together with Kobe Match Corporation, they spent three years of trial and error, designing a quality product that delivered strength in both the matches and fragrance. Today, we can say that they’ve successfully designed a way for anyone and everyone to enjoy the fragrance of their choice. 

Mogutable Hibi Incense Matches
To learn how to enjoy your own Hibi Incense Match, follow the instructions below for the best experience. 

  1. Open the package film. Pull the perforated part of the film sideways to the left and right to open the package.
  2. Take out a stick of hibi and press its top tip against the brown rough surface on the side of the box (the side for striking) at an angle of 45 degrees, and scrape it diagonally down to light it. Hold the stick at its mid-point as it might break easily if you hold the far tip of the stick to strike it.
  3. Once it’s lit, hold it in a slightly head-down tilted position than in a horizontal position, and keep holding it until the flame spreads to the incense part and the flame settles on its own. If you put out the flame hastily before it settles, the fire may not spread to its incense part or the smell of the match may affect the initial fragrance of the incense because the flammable material in the match head (ignition material) may not have burned completely.
  4. Lay the stick on hibi’s exclusive mat and enjoy the scent for around 10 minutes. You can put it on the desk as the exclusive mat and tray are heat-resistant. If you are concerned, place it on top of the slide cover of the box to ensure safety. Don’t leave the area until the stick is burnt out. Burning more than two sticks at a time is dangerous, as it will cause overheating of the mat. Be sure to burn only one stick at a time.
  5. After using the stick, lift the stick together with the mat and throw away remaining ash. Using another stick of hibi on the mat with the residual ash may mix scents and you may not enjoy the original scent of hibi.

We hope these Hibi Incense Matches can bring pockets of peace and beauty to your daily life.