Brand Stories: Hirota Glass

Hirota Glass, one of the oldest glass makers in Tokyo, was founded in 1899, during the Meiji Period in Japan, and also the era of Japan’s industrial revolution. Here, a blending of Japanese and Western cultures took place within architecture, arts and crafts, and design. It was also here that “Taisho Romanticism” was born, a specific aesthetic style that captured the beauty of both European and Japanese design.

Mogutable Hirota Glass Japanese Glassware Drinkware

The brand’s Taisho Roman collection is a range of products inspired by the Taisho Romanticism period. Each piece is crafted by a traditional technique of Japanese glassblowing Hirota glass inherited, called “Aburidashi Technique”. Skilled craftsmen blow glass that includes kokkai (bone ash) that’s useful in unevening patterned mold. When the hot glass touches the mold, the sudden change of temperature develops the color of opal. Then, patterns start appearing on the glass. This collection was initially designed for the use of “soba choko”, for soba sauce. Today, Taisho Roman glassware is enjoyed in many ways, like for drinking tea or for snackable food. 

The Taisho Roman glasses have five patterns, all Japanese traditional designs: ichimatsu (checkered), tokusa (striped), nami (wave), tsunagikousi (cross pattern), and mizutama (dotted). 

Mogutable Hirota Glass Japanese Glassware Drinkware
While Hirota Glass may now be synonymous with the Taisho Roman collection for many, they continue to design and craft beautiful and practical glassware for various use cases. Yukinohana can be used to hold a cold dessert, some sweets, fruit, or nuts. Shoyu Sashi holds your soy sauce, but can be used for other types of sauces. All designed and brought to life in the 20th century, you’ll find the beauty of Taisho Romanticism in every curve of these pieces. 

As with all of our products, we highly encourage you to take care of yours as well as possible. Extending the life of your pieces not only extends the time you can use them, but is an important way to be sustainable. Here are Hirota Glass’ caring tips:

  • Wash your glass with a soft sponge, with a ph-balanced detergent.

  • The sudden change of temperature can cause damage to the glass. Please avoid the dishwasher, which tends to use hot water.

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