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Baozhong Expert's Pick Taiwanese Oolong Tea 文山包種茶


Product Specs:
2oz Loose Leaf 
Oolong Tea | low oxidation

This Baozhong tea is a lightly oxidized oolong, gently grassy with the aroma of light moss and white lily flowers. It's ideal for those who prefer more floral, grassy notes or even a light-bodied yet energetic tea. Jasmine tea lovers tend to enjoy this tea.

It's an elegant style of oolong from Pinglin that dates back to the beginning of Taiwanese tea making. We call this one ‘Expert’s Pick’ because we chose the batch with the help of a famous tea-competition judge.

The name Baozhong means “the wrapped kind”, which refers to the packaging style used at the time. It's also known as Pouchong or Wenshan Baozhong.

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Flavor Profile
Lily flower, cut grass, light moss

Brewing Instructions
Tea Water ratio: 6 gram / 236ml (8 oz)
Water Temperature: 195°F / 91°C
Steep Time: 1-2 minutes

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