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Oriental Beauty Taiwanese Oolong Tea 東方美人


Product Specs:
2oz Loose Leaf 
Oolong Tea | high oxidation

Oriental Beauty Oolong tea, or Dongfang Meiren (東方美人), was the most precious tea in 20th century Taiwan.

It traveled to the West and was given its name by an English Queen for the beautiful complexity of flavor. It is also known as champagne oolong or Bai Hao oolong.

Oriental Beauty has a signature aroma of Muscat grape, brought to life by the tiny tea cricket Jacobiasca formosana. When the tea plant is bitten by this insect, its defense mechanism secretes a specific hormone for preservation. As the tea leaves with a high level of the hormone undergo intensive oxidation during tea processing, muscat-like aroma flourishes.

The tea crickets thrive in warmer weather and are especially active at the bookends of summer, causing the harvest to be extremely seasonal. The multi-colored and fine twisted tea leaves produce deep amber-colored infusion. Higher quality Oriental Beauty contains more tea buds, the white pieces of brow-shaped dry leaves coated with young tea buds' baby fuzz.

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Flavor Profile
Rose, citrus, honeyed figs

Oriental Beauty tea infusion offers aromas of citrus and flowers. The coppery top note is complemented by scents of rose petals and sweet muscat grapes. The finish is long and full, rendering baked sweetness from honey-dipped figs. The depth of its aromas offers an exciting journey of flavor discovery that proves to be an endless delight.

Brewing Instructions
Tea Water ratio: 6 gram / 236ml (8 oz)
Water Temperature: 195°F / 91°C
Steep Time: 1-2 minutes

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