Hasami Porcelain

11 oz Hasami Porcelain Mug in Black


Product Specs:
ø3.37" x 2.87" / 11 oz

Simplicity, multifunctionality, tactility and, most notably, stackability. These are the features which define our best-selling Hasami Porcelain collection. Products this special take a village, and Hasami Porcelain designer Takuhiro Shinomoto knows that, choosing to use the entirety of the Hasami Village in Nagasaki, Prefecture to produce their wares. Leaning away from the mass-made porcelain industry, Hasami craftsmen specialize in specific parts of the process and pass the products to each other, creating each unique piece in their own natural way. This organization of labor has been passed down in the Hasami village since the beginning of the Edo dynasty (1603). Hasami Porcelain’s pieces come in finishes that display the natural textures of the material, whether it be the unfinished, matte black, or proprietary clear glaze. Their mugs, plates, bowls, and more all feature their trademark clean, curved lines that represent the meeting of traditional and modern Japanese designware. This inspiration from the past carries into their products’ ability to stack in the form of the traditional stacking box, the Jubako. Continuing this form, Hasami Porcelain’s products are made to perfectly stack into one another, allowing not just for beautiful storage and serving, but for opportunities for multifunctionality as plates and coasters become lids. 

  • Made in Japan
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Not safe for oven use

*Manufacture environment of the porcelain varies depending on the season or kiln temperatures. Every piece has the character of quality hand-made porcelain. Therefore, variances in shapes, sizes, and colors can sometimes happen.

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