Brand Stories: HMM

We find that more often than not, designs get lost in translation. It’s easy for designs to lean more towards an abstract concept than to consider the aspect of the human interaction with the product. While we ensure that we only curate products that are well-versed in form and function, we want to acknowledge one of our favorite brands that prioritizes breathing life into their designs, The HMM.
Mogutable: HMM Project W Glass
Based in Taiwan, HMM stands for “Human - Mechanic - Method”. Putting the “human” before anything, this studio weaves in detailed and thoughtful meaning into everyday products, and aims to humanize them as much as possible while striving for optimized sustainability. For example, their popular W Glass is made by local Taiwanese craftsmen by recycled glass. Inspired by the concept of the cycle of life, the hours of the clock are transformed into twelve elegant angles. 

Some of their other items include: Their HMM Scissors that are an essential 2-in-1 (The unique design allows one flip of the tool to turn the scissors into a boxcutter) that comes with a magnetic base, a 0.7mm lead pencil made of finely crafted aluminum and brass, a pen that has been designed to fit light and comfortable in a user’s hand, and more — all in timeless and sophisticated colors. 
Mogutable: HMM Project Ballpoint Pen
Mogutable believes in elevating your everyday, and that could mean reimagining supplies that you’ve often overlooked: from cups, to pens and pencils, to scissors. 
Mogutable: HMM Project Scissors
With HMM Project, you can go from one who has hidden all of these in drawers and cupboards, to another who displays them in the open. Proudly. 

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