Brand Stories: Dachuns

We’re excited to feature Dachuns in our store. Not only have they developed a visually-appealing brand—their packaging is absolutely beautiful—their mission sets them apart. Their approach and philosophy is one of harmony with nature. They believe in humility and respect. Their love for life and the Earth shows in the passion and little details that manifest in their products.


Their story started in 1950, after the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, when Mr. Lee Shui-Tu became the owner of Mizuki Trading Company. His passion for soapmaking and the environment has been passed down from generation to generation until today. Despite being in the soap making business for three generations, mostly as a manufacturer for hotels, the Dachuns brand was only developed a few years ago.


Their soaps feature a variety of local Taiwanese ingredients. We absolutely adore their concept of treating the elements of their soaps as “nature’s gift.” They see their role as passing on this gift to their customers.


In our store, you’ll find Dachun’s Classic series and their Taiwanese Native series.


These two product lines are wonderful representations of their craft. The Classic series is inspired by Taipei’s Dihua Street, where they are based, a historic street that had been the center of commerce since the mid 19th century. Nowadays, it is still a bustling area where people can shop for rice, beans, herbs, tea, and other items. Some of the patterns on their packaging is based on those of old buildings in the neighborhood.


The Taiwanese Native series, which includes the Wormwood and Red Quinoa soap, is inspired by the Amis and Rukai people (Taiwanese Aboriginal ethnic groups), respectively. 

We welcome to browse our store and have a look Dachun’s fabulous collection of soaps. As Taiwanese people, it gives us great pleasure to introduce products that represent our background and roots to new audiences.