Brand Stories: Studio M'

Marumitsu Poterie was born in 1950 as a local ceramic wholesaler. It was 35 years later that the brand took a turn and started focusing on originally designed products. In his visit to a potter in Gifu, Japan, founder Kenji Kato discovered the existence of bowls specifically made for baguettes dipped in café au lait. As this wasn’t a common practice in Japan, this concept intrigued Kato and made him instantly want to try dipping his own baguette into his own café au lait. This simple moment deeply fascinated him as he realized how a beautiful ceramic piece held the power to influence what one wanted to drink or eat. 

“There is this kind of tableware which makes you want to eat some specific food, and drink some specific beverages. We will make this kind of tableware.” - Kenji Kato

Then birthed Marumitsu Poterie’s brand, Studio M’, and its concept “meals are delightful”. To reflect the brand’s purpose to produce fun products for daily use in the home, you can find everyday tableware such as plates, bowls, mugs, tea pots, etc. that range in various styles (from those inspired by Japan, and those inspired by Western design) from Studio M’. While you can find a variety of characters within their lines, you will also find a common theme among them all: lovely, thoughtful, and warm design. 

We at Mogutable share the same heart as Studio M’ — we hope that our products are not just mere products but objects that inspire delightful meals, conversations, and everyday routines. And sometimes, that starts with pairing beautiful ceramic pieces like Studio M’s Cachet Flower-Patterned Bowl, or their Ceramic Ume Mini Dish, with recipes that do delight. 

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*Photo Credit: Studio M'