Shotoku Glass

Usuhari Sake Glass Gift Set


Product Specs:
bottle ø1.5" x H7.5" / 280ml
cup ø1.75" x H3.2" / 80ml
Sake Bottle * 1 + Sake Glass * 2 (with a wooden gift box)

The “Usuhari” series means “thin glass” in Japanese. With a characteristic uniform thinness of less than 1mm and a fine finish of the rim, the series enhances the taste experience, offering a unique way of serving and enjoying drinks for any occasion. This set is the perfect gift for sake lovers who want to enjoy the best quality cold sake. 

Shotoku Glass
Established as a manufacturer of light bulbs in 1922, Shotoku Glass were originally renowned for their niche technique in mouth-blown glass. Shotoku Glass shifted from the light bulb industry to manufacturing glassware, concentrating on the production of mouth-blown glasses of several thousand kinds. Shotoku Glass is most known in Japan for their “Edo glass” – a small beer glass that is admired for its handiness and delicate strength, earning a high reputation with top restaurants and the hospitality industry. With a long and rich experience in mouth-blown glasses, Shotoku Glass has succeeded in creating an ideal series of very thin glassware.

  • Do not use dishwashers.
  • Do not microwave
  • For cold drinks only. This product is not heat-resistant.
  • Avoid a rapid change in temperature (particularly rapid cooling). Never put cold water or ice into a hot or warm glass.
  • Avoid glass to glass contact

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