The Qi

Peony Blooming Tea


Product Specs:
9 Handmade Blooming Tea Truffles

Introducing The Qi and Peony Blooming Tea collab - each box contains 9 blooming tea truffles that are handmade and wrapped by tea artisans. It is a harmonious blend of premium green tea leaves, delicate peony flower, and vibrant globe amaranth. This enchanting fusion creates a visually captivating and antioxidant-packed experience that will delight all your senses.

A Symphony of Flavors:
Delight in a harmonious blend of premium green tea and large peony blooms + vibrant globe amaranth, infusing your cup with a symphony of flavors and aromas.

Handmade Artistry:
Watch in awe as the blooming tea unfurls before your eyes, revealing a mesmerizing display of colors and shapes. It's a visual treat and a true testament to the art of tea. Each is handmade by a blooming tea artisan.

Wellness in Bloom:
The peony is a sign of abundance and expansion

  • 27 cups (1 bulb = 3 cup)
  • Medium Caffeine
  • Rich in Antioxidants

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