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Lunar New Year Chopstick Rest Set


Product Specs:
2" x 1.25" / 2 Dragons & 2 Persimmons

During Lunar New Year, persimmons (柿 shì) symbolize good luck and smooth sailing. In Chinese, "柿" sounds similar to "事" (things or matters), implying wishes for everything to go well in the new year. Their round shape and vibrant orange-red color align with the traditional love for completeness and festivity. Thus, persimmons represent not only good fortune and smoothness in affairs but also a hope for a fulfilling and joyful life.

These stoneware chopstick rests are fun for all food lovers. Let your tired chopsticks take a break on a bed of tofu crowned with soy, wonderfully curved wasabi, or colorful dango, just to name a few. These best-selling gems made in the Mino Province of Japan are sure to bring a bit of joy to your dinner table. Buy in pairs or mix and match for the ultimate quirky tablescape. 

  • Made in Japan
  • Not microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Not intended for children's play. Keep away from young children

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