Shin Rin Yoku

Hinoki Room Mist AM


Product Specs:
hinoki trunk essential oil, purified water

Formulated with only two basic ingredients: pure oil and pure water, making it easy to incorporate into daily life.

Recharge your energy with a sense of peace.

Recommended for use upon waking, during morning meditation, or as an energy boost before starting a workout.

About Shin Rin Yoku
Shin Rin Yoku embodies the tranquil spirit of forest bathing through its line of hinoki oil products. Rooted in Hinohara Village, one of the few villages in Tokyo, this brand draws on the lush, surrounding nature and sustainable forestry practices handed down since the Edo period. By embracing these methods, Shin Rin Yoku not only preserves the forest but also brings its restorative essence into your daily life.

  • Made in Hinohara Village, Tokyo, Japan
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Do not use on skin

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