Mumu Bath

Central Park Soap

Product Specs:
3" x 3.5" / 6 oz

All Natural / 100% Vegan / Handmade / Paraben-Free / Sulfate-Free / Cruelty-Free / Ethical Source / Sustainable

Bring the smell of New York City's beloved park to your shower with Mumu Bath's Central Park soap! Handcrafted with special notes of pine tree, our Central Park soap is great for those who love fresh and earthy scents.
  • Handmade in NYC

Mumu Bath, encapsulating the harmonic essence of Mandarin words for "bath" and "tree", stands testament to a commitment for clean, natural products. Established by Sasha in New York City, this brand was born out of a mother's desire to provide her baby, and families alike, with gentle skincare. Handcrafted in the heart of NYC, Mumu Bath embodies a blend of love, care, and nature's simplicity, making it an essential choice for every skin type.

*Sanitary goods and skincare products can not be returned

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