Origami Dripper Air M

$22 $28

Product Specs:
ø5.5" x H3.5" / 3-4 cups
AS resin

Discover the ORIGAMI Air dripper, crafted from impact and heat-resistant AS resin, offering both durability and style. Designed to closely resemble its porcelain counterpart, it's light yet robust, perfect for on-the-go brewing. This dripper ensures consistent temperature retention for an impeccable pour. Choose from four vibrant color variations. Whether you're a professional barista, a home enthusiast, or an outdoor adventurer, the ORIGAMI Air offers the perfect blend of form and function. Celebrate the fusion of lightness and strength!

Pair with Origami Clear Dripper Holder.

    • Made in Japan
    • Dishwasher safe

    Read the brand story of ORIGAMI here.

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