Yon Ho Kyung

4.75" Blue Line Round Plate

Product Specs:
⌀4.75" x H0.6"

The history of Icheon city’s love for ceramics goes back at least a thousand years. From supplying royal palaces to now hosting over 400 workshops that produce modern and traditional ceramics, Icheon continues to be one of Asia’s most recognized cities for this artistry. 

Yon Ho Kyung is a ceramicist based in Icheon, South Korea. Yon chose to study ceramics because she was drawn to the idea of creating something with her hands. Yon’s trademark is her own interpretation of the Buncheong technique. Her works stand out in that their surfaces have a semi-matte finish. In Buncheong, the glaze can melt completely or not at all, depending on the temperature. Yon walks a fine line in the middle to create a paper-like semi-matte finish. Yon’s creativity is not limited to the production process. She tries to make pieces that are not solely function-oriented. This approach is the reason why many people describe her works as “fun.

“Whatever it is that I am making, I want to continue this sensual creative process. Keeping traditional beauty alive, while blending in more modern sensibilities, that’s what I strive for.” Yon Ho-Kyung said.

  • Handmade  by Yon Ho Kyung in Icheon, Korea
  • Dishwasher, microwave, and food safe
  • Hand wash recommended

*Every piece is handcrafted and hand-painted. The size and color may vary slightly.

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