Kousaido Rabbit Incense Sticks - Assortment Set


Product Specs:
4.61" x 2.72" x 0.83" / 24 sticks

Indulge in the Rabbit Series incense set, featuring three soothing fragrances: Nagomi with its calming water scent, Shizuka offering a quiet meadow aroma, and Honoka presenting a subtle floral bouquet. Paired with a charming rabbit incense holder and plate, this set is perfect for creating a peaceful ambiance. Use the incense holder and plate to display these delightful scents in your living room, bedroom, or workspace, inviting good luck and fortune. The Rabbit Series packaging showcases an adorable rabbit illustration, adding warmth to your incense rituals.

Nagomi: soothing water scent
Shizuka: quiet meadow scent
Honoka: light floral scent

  • 15-17 minutes of burn time
  • Do not leave burning incenses unattended

Blog: Incense 101

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