Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry

Yun Hai Selection Dried Fruit: Green Mango 雲海嚴選情人果乾


Product Specs:
100 gram
Green Mangoes
Additive Free, No Preservatives

Made from unripe baby Tu Mangoes 土芒果 (the original Taiwan mango), these are nature's sour gummy: chewy, bright, sweet with an electric tang, an old school Taiwanese treat.

Yun Hai source the green mangoes from family farms in 玉井, who harvest their mango by hand. In order to get big, sweet mangoes at harvest time, the farmers must prune much of the developing fruit on the tree, so the tree directs its resources to the fruit still on the branches.

The baby mangoes that are cut from the tree when pruning are then used to make all manner of green mango snacks—candied, pickled, frozen, and of course, this sugared and salted dried version. As usual, there is no added additives or artificial preservatives, and the mangoes are dried naturally.

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