Chang Chih

Mogutable X Chang Chih Art Print - Dining Table


Product Specs:
Small 5" x 7" in 8" x 10" Mat
Large 8" x 10"
High quality giclée digital print

Mogutable's collaboration with the illustrious Chang Chih (常芷)! This partnership is more than art—it's a fusion of Mogutable's essence with Chang Chih's knack for capturing the beauty of daily life. 

And for a bit of fun, can you spot the Mogutable products in these illustrations?

Fine art giclée print
Giclée is a printing technique used to attain intense, saturated colours as well as a greater variety of depth and nuances. Combined with the premium art paper, it guarantees archival conservation of colours for the highest possible age resistance.

About Chang Chih (常芷)
Born and raised in Taichung, Taiwan, Chang Chih's works are centered around the concept of family. Her creations beautifully embrace everyday objects and the rich tapestry of food culture, capturing treasured moments at home and around the dining table. Since 2021, she has showcased her illustrations on Instagram at @changchihrr. Drawing inspiration from her memories of daily scenes, she brings to life heartwarming tales of everyday life, culinary delights, and intimate spaces.

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