Brand Stories: Studio Lim

STUDIO LIM, a brand rich with stories. It has been a wonderful experience to discover the depth to their products and craft. 

Based in Taiwan, STUDIO LIM describes themselves as a “material driven design brand powered by innovation.” STUDIO LIM takes great care in sourcing the best materials with sustainability in mind and combining “authentic craft traditions” with modern manufacturing and techniques. To bring your beautiful products that call back to the past and the present, the old and the new. 

The signature collection, “Fibrewood Objects,” is the perfect example of their craft. This tableware collection is truly (remarkable), exuding a simple sophistication. They are practical, yet double as a canvas for free-flowing abstract art—each piece unique like ink in water. They look absolutely beautiful, regardless of their contents be they jewelry or fruit. When you peel back the layers, there are even more stories to be found. 

STUDIO LIM designs products with respect to their impact on the environment. Lightweight and durable, STUDIO LIM’s lacquerware is made of flax fiber, an abundant plant-based material that grows in poor soil and low-water conditions. Because of these traits, this resource is more sustainable than its alternatives. Furthermore, wood shavings are upcycled through a collaboration with local carpenters.

Finally, we get to the roots of this whole project, “a story traced back to one of the designers’ home town, Fengyuan, in Taiwan.” For decades, the town produced 90% of the lacquerware in the country until the industry declined after a period of economic turmoil and wood harvesting was prohibited by the government. As a young boy, the designer had the opportunity to learn about the beauty of lacquerware through his relative's business. “Fibrewoods Objects” is a revival of that piece of history and culture.