Mogutable 2021 Recap

To say that the Mogutable team has had an eventful year in 2021 would be an understatement. The biggest highlight being that we opened our first physical shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and were able to meet many of you in person. It truly felt special in the context of the pandemic. We love to hear your feedback and get to know what you think about our products and store! 

Opening a shop meant there were a lot of things we needed to figure out, from signing the lease to the new space, to designing the store, hiring the contractor, and purchasing the right furniture and decor. This involved a lot of DIYs, trips to Home Depot, and research on Reddit and YouTube. There were so many decisions to make, but we learned the valuable lesson of figuring things out as we go, and learning from the mistakes we made along the way.

At our daily jobs at Mogutable, we do most of the things ourselves including cleaning and organizing the store, packing and shipping online orders, organizing and sorting inventory, doing the product photoshoot and photoshop, replying to emails, managing our social media accounts, updating our website — there is a lot required in running a shop than we ever imagined. It feels that there are always millions of little things to do daily, but we are loving and enjoying each and every step of the process.

With your love and support, we hope we can bring you more beautiful and carefully-designed goods to your home in 2022. We wish you and your loved ones a new year full of love and joy!