Brand Stories: JainJain 減簡手制

Mogutable Brand Story: Jain Jain

To some makers, inspiration comes from nature. To others, it could come in the form of certain encounters, dreams, food, colors, or art itself. To JainJain, inspiration comes from drywall construction, colorful metal roofs, and ironwork around windows and doors — what is summed up as “expressive city impressions.” 

Mogutable JainJain Taiwanese Textile

JainJain is a Taiwan-based textile design studio that was founded in 2011. To most, a construction scene or ironwork may not exactly feel inspirational - let alone beautiful. But JainJain draws out the linear array of metal roofing, or the textures of a wall decaying from rain erosion in a way that a certain impression is drawn out from an art piece. To the brand, the metal roof itself is a mere starting point that unwinds to represent the unique urban landscape of Taiwan, and the simplicity of inspiration. 

Mogutable Brand Story: Jain JainInspiration can get one started, but to JainJain, it is philosophy that gives way for momentum. Reduction(減) and simplicity(簡), the brand’s two elements in their design philosophy serve as a reminder to reduce first, then to simplify. We tend to associate those two key words with the tangible. For example, it makes sense in the context of organizing your things. But when applied to the Taiwanese textile studio’s design process, it becomes about focus — and avoiding unnecessary distractions. Perhaps that is why their home accessories, bags, and clothing all have designs that feel straightforward and clear cut. Their designs are consistently simple, but continue to speak volumes. 

Mogutable JainJain Taiwanese Textiles

JainJain gives new meaning to “inspiration is everywhere.” Inspired by their perspective on daily life and objects, their interpretation of them, and their craft of using a continuous piece of fabric (making each pattern on a piece unique), we’re honored to share JainJain with you.

The collection is available to shop now.