Artist Series: Tokinoha Ceramic Studio

In the brand's beginnings, TOKINOHA Ceramic Studio was based in a rental home located in the Kitayama District of Kyoto in 2009. The name of the district contained the Japanese characters for “purple” and “peach,” inspiring the brand’s name, which is a play on a unique Japanese purple-peach color. 

Mogutable x Tokinoha

Like many businesses, TOKINOHA pursued various directions for its brand. At first, they created pieces to function as “artistic pieces,” that would look beautiful sitting on the shelves of Japanese homes. But upon having countless conversations with customers, they realized that better design would look like creating more practical wares for people to actually use and engage with in their everyday life. This shift dawned the realization that their studio should act as a unique interactive venue, by connecting it to their shop where they can observe and communicate directly with customers. The ceramic studio’s desire to focus on the intimate relationship between the creator and the user can be felt in their physical space, and even transcends to those who purchase their products online. 

Mogutable Japanese Ceramics TOKINOHA Ceramic Studio Japanese Dinnerware Plates Bowls Mugs

What started as a simple project by potter Daisuke Shimizu in 2009, ended up as the beautiful brand we know today as TOKINOHA Ceramic Studio. With products that are all produced by hand in their Kyoto-based studio, each mug, bowl, and plate represent the brand’s mission to serve as a model for excellent craftsmanship, and innovators in distribution.  

Mogutable Japanese Ceramics TOKINOHA Ceramic Studio Japanese Dinnerware Plates Bowls Mugs

TOKINOHA can be loved for many things, but we especially appreciate the dimensions the colors of the glazes emit in each and every piece. 

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