A Q&A With Our Founders

Mogutable Founders

Q: Why did you start Mogutable? 
Yingchi: I have always been interested in pottery. Since Yuchen and I moved from Taiwan to the United States 15 years ago, I started learning how to cook. Since then, I have been fascinated by beautiful tableware and how the visual presentation of a meal can affect the whole experience.
Because of our cultural background, I am particularly interested in Asian food and tableware. Every time I travel to Asia, I make sure to bring back some tableware from my favorite potters. This habit of mine gave me the idea to start Mogutable.
Q: How did the name come about? 

Yuchen: Mogu(蘑菇) means mushroom in Mandarin. We grew up eating mushrooms almost every day back in Taiwan. Since we wanted to start a tableware store, we thought it would be fitting to combine “table” with “mogu”! 
Q: What is your favorite memory from your hometown in Taiwan? 
Yingchi: The high school I used to go to was close to the Zhongli Tourist Night Market. I often told my parents that after school, I would stay to study with classmates, but in fact, I would go to the night market with them. The night market had countless foods and snacks that I loved.
Q: If you're allowed to have favorites, what is your favorite product from the store?
Yingchi: There are so many of them! If I really have to pick one, I would say my favorite is Sheng Ceramic's Small Oval Plate in White Brushed and in Black. I immediately kept one of each when we received the items from Sheng. I love the texture and color of the glazes. I also really like that you can almost feel connected to the potter when you see the work. That's the beauty of handmade pieces.
Yuchen: If I had to choose a favorite, it would be our donabes. They’re not only beautiful to look at, but there are so many recipe options that I can use it with! I would recommend that everyone at least have one at home. Psst - more donabe recipes are coming your way.
Q: What is your favorite cafe in New York? 
Yuchen: Devocion
Yingchi: Té Company
Q: Do you have any dream brand or artist partnerships?  
Yingchi: Yes! There are a few of my favorite potters. I personally collect some of their pieces, but I'd be so happy if we can work together in any way. They are Zhitaofangs製陶方式, Takashi Endo, Akio Nukaga, 望氣.
Yuchen: Yes, there is a Korean brand called Jiseungmingonggi(지승민의 공기) that I want to work with. They have so much beautiful tableware. I would like to have all of them at my apartment if I can. I would love to visit their showroom in Korea one day, too!
Q: Where do you wish for Mogutable to be in five years? 
We hope we continue to bring items we are passionate about for the home and kitchen, and eventually develop our own home tableware lines!