A Look Into This Year's Holiday Dinner

With the Holidays closely approaching, we know that it’s no secret that we’ll be allowed to uphold some traditions but will have to let go of some others this year. For us, holidays usually look like going home to Taiwan to catch up with family and friends or having a nice steak dinner. Instead, we will be hosting a small get-together with a few close friends, safely, and celebrate with Taiwanese-inspired courses. We believe in making the most out of situations that are out of our control, and this is our way of doing just that this Holiday season.

So here we share with you a list of what we will be enjoying along with which Mogutable products from Tzulai (also from Taiwan!) will pair best with each course, in hopes to give you some inspiration for your own Holiday meals this year!


Cucumber Salad with Sesame Oil and Garlic: A light and refreshing appetizer, you get the best of both worlds with slight sweetness, and a depth of flavor from the garlic tossed around the dish.

Drunken Chicken: How can you say no to chicken that’s been soaked in a Chinese classic (Shaoxing Wine)? We’re a fan and can’t wait to indulge in one of our favorite apps!

Tea Eggs: Simmered in black tea, soy sauce, cinnamon sticks and more, you got yourself such a savory teaser to the main course.

What We’ll be Serving These In: 

Mogutable Dinnerware and Tableware

Antique Tile Plate in Oval and Square


Home-Made Cabbage Pork Dumpling: We want to do our mom's dumpling recipe this year. Her dumplings have a very clean flavor. She only uses chopped cabbage, ground pork, and seasons these with some cooking wine, salt, and pepper. After boiling, we will serve this with our mom's signature dipping sauce, which is made from: chopped garlic, chili pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and white sesame oil. It is very simple and beyond delicious. We ate dumplings a lot growing up, and we were always so happy when she made it. We beg her to make this for us every time she comes to visit us in New York, and she makes 200 for us to eat then and there, but also to enjoy later. 

Antique tile shape Plate in Gloss Brown

Lotus Root Stir-Fry: Going off our simple dumpling dish, we are a fan of this incredibly simple but delicious vegetable dish. Potato-like in texture, the lotus root is packed with healthy fiber and nutrients!

Antique Tile Shape Chopsticks Holder Sets 

Hot and Sour Soup: While there are a lot of ingredients involved, each mushroom, piece of tofu, and bamboo shoot each make up a flavorful bowl of soup. 


Patisserie Tomoko: As one of our favorite dessert spots in our neighborhood, we will be supporting a fellow small business by taking out some of the following from their menu: their Green Tea Creme Brûlée, Pumpkin Pie, and Chestnut Tart (oh, and their Black Sesame Macaron is delicious too!)

Something to Sip On

Winter Melon Milk Tea: The more-than-usual depth the winter melon fruit offers makes such a great combination with the sweetness and creaminess from the sugar and creamer. 

What We'll Be Serving This In: 

13 oz Terracotta Mug