Soft Stone Fugu Cup


Product Specs:
ø3.5" x H3.6"/ 13oz

Neko.Co.Neko. is an independent brand(.Co) from Linnan Ye, a Gemini cat woman focusing on handmade functional pottery and illustration for your home and daily routines. C(k)o.Neko.means kitten in Japanese , it’s a reminder of “beginner’s mind”(初心), a reminder of having fun.

All together, Neko.Co.Neko. is promoting an authentic, considered lifestyleI with mindfulness of your physical environment .

Soft Stone _ Fugu Cup features belly shape with surface pattern created by hand with slip mimicking stone in nature, and highlighted with small etched “fugu fossil”

this round, belly shape cup is great for coffee and tea. Beautiful to look at, satisfying to hold, easy to grip, and very proudly made by hand . Enjoy tea/coffee with them every day, and any special day.

Each piece from Neko.Co.Neko. is handcrafted by Linnan in the Bay Area.

  • Dishwasher, microwave, and food safe
  • Hand wash recommended

*Every piece is handcrafted. The color and size may vary slightly.

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