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Shigaraki Salt Jar


Product Specs:
ø2.5"x H2.75" / 6.4oz
Shigaraki ware

Introducing the Shigaraki Salt Pot, a harmonious blend of form and function. Its rounded design is paired with a lightweight lid, ensuring ease of use. Crafted from Shigaraki's coarse clay, this pot possesses natural moisture-absorbing qualities, maintaining optimal salt humidity.

The unglazed interior ensures the pot's moisture-wicking capabilities remain at their peak. The exterior, featuring a textured, pared-back finish, is lightly glazed with a clay-based material. This design choice doesn't just add to its rustic charm but also facilitates moisture distribution throughout the pot. Whether you use powdery or moist sea salt, this pot adapts. It prevents powdered salt from clumping and retains the moisture in wet salt, optimizing its texture.

Given the environment and the kind of salt stored, the pot's exterior may occasionally display damp spots or mineral traces. This showcases its effectiveness in moisture regulation.

  • Made in Shigaraki, Japan
  • Not microwave and dishwasher safe

About Shigaraki Ware
Shigaraki ware is made in Shigaraki Town, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture. It is counted as one of the six oldest kilns in Japan and is said to have a long history of 1,260 years.

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