Double Gauze Sew Off Grey Tea towel


Product Specs:
L26.75" x W19.5"
100% Cotton

The Sew Off Grey Tea Towel is a limited-edition piece. Its pattern is inspired by Hsinchu's historic XinZhou House in Taiwan. Its design, carrying the symbol of gatherings and reunions, is a nod to the iconic department store's rich legacy. This tea towel goes beyond utility, serving as a vibrant, everyday reminder of Taiwan's cultural heritage and the enduring spirit of XinZhou House.

  • Crafted from a continuous fabric piece, each Jian Jian product features a unique pattern distribution, ensuring its one-of-a-kind nature.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash recommended. Avoiding prolonged soaking. Please refrain from using bleach or cleaning products containing fluorescent agents, and air drying is advised over machine drying for best results.

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