Sew Off Grey Knot Bag


BaProduct Specs:
L17" x W9"
100% Mercerised twill cotton, 40s yarn count

The Sew Off Grey Knot Bag is a limited-edition piece. Its pattern is inspired by Hsinchu's historic XinZhou House in Taiwan. Its design, carrying the symbol of gatherings and reunions, is a nod to the iconic department store's rich legacy. This tea towel goes beyond utility, serving as a vibrant, everyday reminder of Taiwan's cultural heritage and the enduring spirit of XinZhou House.

The concept of JainJain's pattern design derives from the city landscape all over Taiwan. The expressive city impressions, such as the linear array of sheet metal roofing or the decayed wall corner from rain erosion, are the sources of inspiration for our unique patterns.

All products are designed and executed with their exclusive limited fabrics. Each individual piece is unique, and one-of-a-kind, due to various cutting placements and pattern arrangements.

  • Crafted from a continuous fabric piece, each Jian Jian product features a unique pattern distribution, ensuring its one-of-a-kind nature.

Care Instructions:
Shrink-resistant and dye-fixing treatments have been applied to our fabrics, which can be washed directly in clean water. Stains can be removed through partial washing with detergent, to further extend the product lifespan. Do NOT bleach.

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