Ichihara Seito

Pausa Ball Mug & Saucer Set in White


Product Specs:
mug: ø3.5" x H3.25" with handle / 11oz
saucer: ø5.75" x H0.75"

Introducing the Pausa Ball Mug & Saucer Set in White. The set includes a ball-shaped mug and saucer made from recycled clay in a project called "Re-Dishes/Re-食器." This innovative and sustainable process recycles used dishware by crushing it into pieces smaller than 1 millimeter and incorporating it into the clay.

Recommended for coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage, this mug and saucer set will help you find a moment of peace and relaxation in your busy day.

About Re-Dishes/Re-食器
Clay, which is the raw material for pottery, can be obtained from the soil, but once the pottery is fired, it will never return to the soil. In the past, the only way to dispose of unused dishes was to bury them in landfills. "Re-Dishes" are recycled dishes made from recycled soil, which was born from the idea of how to circulate and reuse pottery as raw materials again. The Pausa set is made by mixing crushed tableware into traditional clay, making up 20% of the final product.

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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