Ikenaga Iron Works

Nambu Cast Iron Tea Kettle


Product Specs:
ø6.4" x H7.8" / 47oz

This cast iron tea kettle features a traditional arare pattern and a gardenia bud atop its lid. The tea kettle or “tetsubin” is crafted by Japanese heritage craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to the mission of sustaining Japanese culture through traditional goods and artisanal practices. The tetsubin is then distributed by Ikenaga Iron Works, a company that emphasizes the production of traditional Japanese metal arts.

The word “arare” refers to snow pellets and also has lent its name to a small rice cracker. It is easy to see these pellets influence on the pot’s dotted design. To run one’s fingers or cup one’s hands over the raised pattern creates a sensory experience that adds to teatime practices. The gardenia, symbolizing peace and clarity, can help set an intention for one’s tea ritual.

This tetsubin can be placed directly onto the stove, but once it is heated, do not touch it as even the handle gets incredibly hot as part of the conductive process. Do not clean with oil, soap, or harsh chemicals. Avoid fast changes in temperature as this can lead to cracks. 

  • Made in Japan
  • IH compatible 
  • Hand wash only

Care Instructions:
-Fill up to 80% and leave some room for the boiling water to expand or it may overflow
-Nambu cast iron kettles are made without an air hole in the lid, so it is important to open the lid slightly to allow some steam to escape when boiling water.
-Sharp temperature changes may cause cracks
-DO NOT TOUCH the body and handle while using as it can become extremely hot

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