Kokoronosu Yuzu Ponzu Vinegar

In-Store Only

Product Specs:
12 fl. oz.
Yuzu Ponzu Vinegar

This all-purpose yuzu ponzu vinegar is made by combining vinegar and the fragrant juice of whole organic yuzu grown in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. It’s delicious as it is, and it can be used in many ways such as making dipping sauce for nabe or gyoza. It can also be combined with men-tsuyu (soy sauce) or dashi-soy sauce to make ponzu-soy sauce. You can also make refreshing yuzu seltzer with it!

Vinegar (made in Japan), Yuzu juice (made in Japan)

Storage Method
Store at room temperature away from high temperatures and direct sunlight (unopened), Refrigerate after opening. 

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