Kettl Genmaimatcha


Product Specs:
Genmaimatcha Loose Leaf / 100g

Kettl's genmai matcha hails from the famed are of Yame in Fukuoka Japan and is a blend of first flush Sencha, high grade Matcha powder, and toasted puffed-brown rice. A deep green cup with a silky mouthfeel and a lovely baked grain finish.

Flavor Profile
Toasty / Fresh / Lasting sweetness

Brewing Instructions
Tea Water ratio: 1 heaping teaspoons/5g to 7oz of water
Water Temperature: 190°F / 88°C
Brew Time: 1 minutes

About Kettl
Kettl is a Brooklyn-based brand specializing in Matcha, Japanese tea, and chocolate. With a commitment to quality and transparency, they collaborate directly with Japan's leading tea producers, ensuring freshness by air-shipping directly from their Fukuoka facility.

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