Kamadosan Donabe Double-Lid Rice Cooker


Product Specs:
ø12" x H7" 
Cooks up to 3 cups of rice (about 2 ¼ US cups =540 ml) 

Iga Ceramic 

One Heat Setting, Flawless Rice: Kamadosan Donabe Makes Cooking Effortless
The Kamado-san donabe is designed with a thicker base than typical donabe and is crafted from Iga clay, which possesses a naturally porous characteristic that allows air to circulate while cooking. This feature helps the clay heat up gently and evenly, ensuring uniform cooking for rice. Once the heat is built, it brings even and steady heat distribution. Its thick clay slowly cools down and keeps steaming the rice during the resting stage, giving you fluffy and shiny rice that makes your dishes even more delicious.

Why It Has Two Lids?
The Kamado-san donabe rice cooker has a unique double-lid system that acts as a pressure cooker and prevents boiling over. This innovative design results in perfectly cooked rice without the need for constant monitoring, making the cooking process stress-free and convenient.

The donabe rice cooker is also perfect for creating delicious soup, stew, or hot pot. Simply remove the inner lid to enjoy all the possibilities that Kamado-san has to offer!

  • Made in Japan
  • Hand wash only

 *IMPORTANT: Before the first use – Care Guild: Donabe

Donabe: The One-Pot Wonder

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